Aug 15, 2012.

A site on quantum archeology and technological resurrection.

On cryonics, there are two fundamental concepts that complement each other. Cryonics preserves much of the data required for technological resurrection locally. Calculating the state of the deceased far into the past is going to be more difficult than calculating the state of the deceased where the deceased has been preserved through cryonics.

There is some very preliminary pseudocode here.

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I think you have to look back to look forwards. Remember ENIAC? Now take a minute to try and imagine what computers are going to look like in 50 years. The state calculation problem is very similar to the computed tomography problem of MRI's and Cat scans. It is largely a problem of enormous computational requirements and a very high sensor measurement count. In response to those who wonder if this is a provable hypothesis, one should be able to prove it is possible. 1.) You can calculate state within a small local area at a previous point in time through the use of sensors and modified computed tomography algorithms. 2.) Through the use of more computational power and more sensor measurements, one can calculate state further back in time and within a larger volume. Given the mind-boggling scale of the calculation requirements, I think you have to think out of the box some. describes a concept that may provide the type of computational requirements desired, as well as the in-situ requirements desired for large sensor arrays and reconstruction.


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