Technological Resurrection

Technological Resurrection refers to the art of bringing someone back to life through technological means. The truest form of technological resurrection involves calculating the complete atomic state of the deceased at the time of death, retrieving the original atoms the deceased was composed of, and reconstructing the deceased through placement of the retrieved atoms into the calculated state at time of death. Further physical and medical procedures may be required. Hopefully this technology becomes available in the near future.

Resurrection as a Cybernetic: Another form of technological resurrection involves reconstructing the deceased into a non-biological form from the calculated state at time of death. One would be resurrecting the deceased into the same form as those who have achieved cybernetic immortality. This approach may not be as popular as some might see it as similar to a cloning technology.

It will take enormous amounts of computational power to calculate the complete atomic state of a deceased individual. describes a concept that might actually make technological resurrection feasible.

Although this type of calculation may seem like science fiction, take a moment to remember progress in the computing industry. We have come a long way since ENIAC. If Moore's law holds the amount of computation power available in 50 years will be astounding. If nothing else, it seems worth the risk to try.

The state calculation is quite similar to computed tomography, the science used to calculate volumetric state in an MRI,or CAT scan.

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